Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A couple of sketches from my sketchbook that I started on the 1st of October. I rarely ever use a sketchbook but doing it for a group challenge of filling a sketchbook during the month of October. However, I doubt it if I will be able to fill the sketchbook within the month but it might get me into a habit of using sketchbooks.


Sandra said...

These are nice !! lol I dont use them enough myself !

B2-kun said...

They look quite beautiful. Really like that first page of faces. Hope you continue to fill it and perhaps even try different sketchbooks simultaneously, for you are bound to find your best fit paper. Happy sketching.

WC Lee said...

thanks Sandra :)

Thanks Alberto :) I'll fill the sketchbook up eventually and good thing I only got one of this brand. I got plenty of other sketchbooks waiting to be used some time in the future.

thanks for stopping by and commenting and your art supply reviews are very helpful.