Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My New Pocket-size Watercolor Box

The small pocket-size watercolor box I ordered from Kremer Pigments arrived, it can hold 6 full pans or 12-14 half pans. I filled 12 empty half pans Snapped them into place to let them dry without any chance of accidentally knocking them over. The best part is that the Escoda pocket brush fits right in the space between the two rows of pans.

The colors are:
Cad. Yellow Light - Lukas Aquaell 1862
Cad. Red Light - Lukas Aquaell 1862
Phthalo Green - Lukas Aquaell 1862
Phthalo Blue - Lukas Aquaell 1862
Ultramarine Blue - Lukas Aquaell 1862
Yellow Ochre - Lukas Aquaell 1862
Raw Sienna - Lukas Aquaell 1862
Raw Umber - Lukas Aquaell 1862
Burnt Sienna - Lukas Aquaell 1862
Burnt Umber - Lukas Aquaell 1862
Ivory Black - Winsor & Newton Cotman
White Gouache

Monday, August 29, 2011

Oil sketch

Another oil sketch using a limited palette of titanium white, burnt sienna, and ultramarine blue on canvas mounted on illustration board

Female Torso Sketch

 Limited palette of titanium white, burnt sienna, and french ultramarine blue
Oil on canvas mounted on illustration board, 7 x 5

Nude Figure Sketch

Another figure oil sketch, this one gave me a lot of trouble ... especially her right arm and now I noticed it is a bit too long :\

Oil on canvas board, 10 x 8